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July, 2016

Newsletter #28


External therapists working with residents
– an example of the improving outreach work in the Home

I had him for four years and loved him dearly, but God in his mercy took him home. Can you imagine a little fellow aged three years old working in the fields with cancer? (Quote from Anita Goulden.)

Roger Brown Announced His Decision to Resign from The Trust

This edition brings news of some important changes in the Trust. In May, after almost 20 years as a Trustee, for the last fifteen of which he has served as Chairman, Roger Brown announced his decision to resign from the Trust. David Thomas, a long-standing Trustee who has until now been overseeing the Trust’s finances, has been elected to succeed him as Chairman. Roger’s resignation created a vacancy on the Board of Trustees that has been filled by Mr Marcelo Scenna. Marcelo is an Argentine national, now living in London, and is a senior and highly experienced banker. The Trust stand to benefit greatly from his Latin American connections and financial expertise. He will take over responsibility for the Trust’s finances.

Message from David Thomas, Chairman

I was pleased and honoured to be asked by the trustees to take on the Chairmanship from Roger Brown and I felt able to do so only because I know I can count on their commitment to the Trust and to its mission to sustain the legacy of Anita Goulden. On behalf of the Trust I want to thank Roger for the outstanding dedication and leadership that he has shown over his fifteen years as Chairman. This was at its most evident during the difficult period following the death of Anita Goulden in 2002 when it became apparent that this redoubtable lady had not bequeathed an organisation in Piura that was capable of realising her vision without her. It was Roger’s insistence on and promotion of sound management and proper governance in Piura that eventually led, ten years ago this year, to the establishment of the new Anita Goulden Home, managed by the well- run local charitable association that we see today. Since then, Roger has led the Trust in offering support and advice to the Home, which has contributed in a meaningful way to its development and which I and the other Trustees are pledged to continue. Roger has been assiduous in visiting the Home and I am delighted that he has promised to stay in touch with the Home and the Trust in future. Elsewhere in this Newsletter you will read reports that paint a very positive picture of the Home.


The Home’s newest
resident, Dayron

It is regularly taking in new children with disabilities from deprived backgrounds. Its capabilities in providing therapy for the often severely handicapped residents and outpatients are greater than ever. Thanks to the involvement of the local Board, it is now well integrated into the community of Piura, which is bringing a greater increase in support from local government, hospitals, health professionals, companies and individuals. This means that the funds provided by the Trust and its donors are being used for the cash costs, principally salaries of the staff responsible for providing the treatment, care and quality of life of the residents, that cannot be met in any other way. Your support for this excellent institution is of the highest importance and is greatly appreciated.

Report on the Home by Anita Mollet

In the last few months the Home has been running smoothly but, as in all institutions, there are times when corrective actions have to be taken and working practices brought up to date with a view, in our case, to the well-being of the residents. Thus it is that, since last year the technical nursing staff has been working to a new timetable. It gives them two to three days off each week, in exchange for which the Director of the Home demands, during all working shifts and especially the day shifts, that the quality of work is impeccable and one hundred per cent dedicated to achieving the best quality of life for the resident children and young people. It is worth mentioning that we continue paying for life insurance that we contracted for the staff. Despite being a charitable organization we comply with all the necessary benefits for our employees. Three of our nursing technicians are now following a refresher course, which we hope can be replicated for the rest of the staff of the Home. A new person, Mrs. Elga Ordinola, has been recruited to run the kitchen. After a month’s probation in February, she formally joined the payroll in March. The change has been very positive for the feeding of the residents. To pay tribute to the staff of the Home on the occasion of Labour Day, the 1st of May, a get-together lunch was organised on Saturday 30th of April. Then on Mothers’ Day presents of a parcel of provisions were made to all the staff, both men and women. A further development is that, since March, we have a new resident by the name of Dayron Adrianzen who is nine years old and has been evaluated by the paediatric neurologist as suffering from speech impairment and spasticity resulting from cerebral palsy. A young girl, Esperanza, has also come to us and is being cared for by our staff. Nancy Prado, one of our medical technologists, travelled to Lima during her holidays and, whilst there, visited ex-residents Lecxon and Sergio, who are now together at the Niño Jesus de Praga Home. They are both in good health and were pleased to receive the visit. In April we received the donation of a new large refrigerator for the kitchen of the Home. We had had the old one for more than 10 years and it was no longer working properly.

Residents and Staff at the Anita Goulden Home.

The residents and staff of the Home attending the annual anniversary mass for Anita Goulden

We have also made other improvements, including new panels for the water tank and new security bars on one of the doors, which will allow the door to be left open for better ventilation in the room where the girls sleep. The physical therapy section can now count on two therapists following the arrival of Mrs. Esther Flores in February, as well as a medical technician with skills in physical therapy and rehabilitation. The three of them are responsible for providing therapy on a daily timetable. The residents are evaluated periodically and their individual therapy follows a plan designed by the medical technologist. We are considering acquiring a high- frequency vibratory vest to help treat the respiratory problems that affect the majority of our children. This equipment is still not available for sale in Peru. In order to get it at a reasonable price, we may have to order one using the tax exemption that the Home has been granted. On 2nd June the Ordinary General Meeting of the Asociación Civil Hogar Anita Goulden took place in order to elect the Board of Directors for the period 2016 – 2018. The Meeting was attended by the majority of the Associates who after unanimously voting to elect the proposed candidates, approved the election of the new Board of Directors as follows:

On 4th June a Mass was celebrated at the church Santísima Cruz del Norte to celebrate the birthday of our dear and always remembered Anita Goulden. The Mass was attended by all the residents and employees of the Hogar, and also by some friends of the Hogar. All birthdays are celebrated as part of the recreational activities of the Hogar and the latest celebration was the birthday of our resident Rony on 29th May. Members of staff of the Hogar, fully qualified, carry out a programme of intervention and individual treatment with a resident under their charge. A programme is designed specifically for each resident; the programme may include breathing exercises, "orofacial" massage, tongue control, verbal communication and other activities such as visual and hearing attention. It is important to note that accomplishments by the staff and residents have contributed to improve the quality of life of children and young residents. Every Monday during the month of June 2016 students of the School of Psychology, Faculty of Human Medicine of the Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego, are carrying out practice sessions at the Hogar with the purpose of creating a psychological clinical history of the residents. These sessions are assessed and supervised by their lecturer Miguel Caro Vela.

News of Previous Residents


Hugo working on a sculpture
near his home in Piura

Hugo Chanta. Hugo was the traumatised young boy rescued by Anita following the accident which robbed him of his legs. He was taught the rudiments of drawing and painting by a professional art teacher engaged by Anita to help similarly damaged young people in the home to confront their problems. Hugo is now teaching Art at the Colegio Salesiano in Piura, having successfully completed his university studies. He is a fine painter but his first love is sculpting and he is receiving commissions for his work. He is currently working on a serene sculpture of the Madonna photographed in his workshop as he prepares to complete her hands. Hugo is married with two young children and he can walk well on his prosthetic legs.

Hogar on Facebook

For many of you kind supporters of the Anita Goulden Trust, your knowledge of the day-to-day activities in the Home is quite limited. I guess unless you were to visit there and spend time with the staff and residents, and take in the magnitude of what is achieved there on a daily basis with fairly modest resources, then it would be very difficult to fully appreciate what life is really like in the Hogar Anita Goulden. However, the management of the Home make a great effort to try and keep the outside world and the Home’s supporters fully informed of what is going on in the Hogar, and they do this best by using Facebook. The Home’s own Facebook page "Hogar Anita Goulden" is quite naturally in Spanish but they do add plenty of photos from the various activities that take place. It is wonderful to see, not just the care, both physically and emotionally, that is given to the residents by the staff and associated professionals, but also how many groups of local young people choose to invest their time helping as volunteers in the Home, by providing entertainment and amusement for the residents. In order to try and give our English speaking supporters a better glimpse into life in the Home, supporters of the Anita Goulden Trust have set up an English language Facebook page, in which they provide translations of the posting from the Spanish language page and include all the same photos. If you are a user of Facebook, then please check out the English language page which is "Anita Goulden Home"" and make sure to ‘share’ some of the photos and stories from there to help spread the news of the great work that you are helping to fund in Piura.

Visit of Roger Brown to The Anita Goulden Home, 25-29 January 2016

Roger talking with one of the Home’s residents.

Roger talking with one of
the Home’s residents

I last visited the Home a year ago and reported that all was well. On this occasion I found it continuing to run well; the children well cared for and no recent emergencies or significant problems. Some modest local donations are being raised in addition to the support sent by the Trust. The local board plans to use some of its funds to improve the state of the building. There are currently nineteen residents, up from fifteen a year ago. The Director, Fabiola, was described to me as the best Director the Home has ever had and that was also my conclusion. In addition to being very hard working, exuding competence, she is sympathetic, approachable and understanding. The other members of staff also appear highly capable and dedicated. The local Board of Directors of the Home seems to have just the right approach; keeping closely in touch with the Home and its life, looking for local support for it, but not in any way seeking to meddle in its daily operation. The financial situation of the Home is reported as being just satisfactory at present, although a salary increase for the lowest-paid members of staff is becoming necessary. The Home will soon celebrate the tenth anniversary of the setting up of the new local organisation and the move from the original premises. I said I felt sure that the Trustees would wish to mark the occasion by offering to fund something of value to the Home. Anita Mollet said that what the Home would appreciate most is a film projector and screen. Even in my retirement I hope to visit the Home regularly – with my new wife!

Roni celebrates his birthday!

Roni celebrates his birthday!

Happy Birthday Roni

Anita Goulden resident Roni, who was gravely ill last year, has made an excellent recovery and celebrated his birthday in the Home at the end of May.

The Chilalo Bird

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