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A beautiful painting of Anita Goulden.

The Anita Goulden Trust is a UK based charity which financially supports the Anita Goulden Home which provides care for children and adults with severe physical and mental disabilities, who are from families living in extreme poverty.

The Anita Goulden Home is one of a few charities that help children with disabilities in the North of Peru. The Anita Goulden Trust, currently chaired by David Thomas, was set up in 1987 when some British friends heard of the appalling challenges facing Anita and her children. After an excellent response from an article by Nicholas Shakespeare and a film shown on Granada television, the Trust was turned into a charity in 1991.

The Trust administrates donations made by people from all walks of life who have been inspired by the tremendous courage and humanity of Anita Goulden, who sadly died in February 2002. The committee of the Anita Goulden Trust works closely with the local Peruvian committee in the Home to maintain the highest standards of care for the residents and to ensure complete transparency in the use of funds. We keep expenses to a minimum: no-one is paid to administer the charity and all of your donations go directly to the Anita Goulden Home in Peru. The main expenses in the U.K are for essentials such as stamps and envelopes.

Anita Goulden, Founder

Anita Goulden, was born in Manchester in 1919. In 1958, at the age of 38 and widowed, she came to Peru to visit her brother. It was while walking in Piura in the north of Peru, that she found her first abandoned child. He was suffering from tuberculosis, meningitis and lying in blood. From 1958-2002 Anita Goulden fed, clothed and housed hundreds of abandoned, abused, orphaned and disabled children. She sought to provide them with loving care and attention otherwise denied them.

“In all my wildest dreams, I had never thought of human beings in such shocking conditions. The appalling poverty; the indifference of those around.” — Anita

Anita Goulden Trustees

Mr. Marcelo Scenna – Marcelo Scenna, CFA, is a banker with 30 years experience in Europe and Latin America. He is also Trustee of Pension funds and Director of a Financial Institution in the UK.

David V Thomas OBE – Chairman of the Trust and former banker who spent over 20 years living and working in the USA, Europe and Latin America and now lives in London. He is a director of a number of companies in the financial sector, a past Chairman of Canning House, and maintains close business contacts with South America.

Bridget Collins – joined the committee in 2013. Along with her husband John, Bridget has made several trips to Piura in recent years, where she has worked closely with the local committee in helping to plan future strategies and working models for the Home. Bridget worked in banking for more than 25 years and has spent a great deal of time living and working in Spanish speaking countries. She is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Annabel Buchan MBE – was born in Norfolk and now lives in Fulham, London where she administers the Trust. Annabel became aware of Anita Goulden in 1979 when she read an article by Nicholas Shakespeare about Anita's work in Peru and was immediately an enthusiastic helper before the Trust was set up. In 1991 she was invited to become the Administrator and a Trustee. In 2004 Annabel was awarded the MBE "for services to disadvantaged children in Peru."

Sallie Morgan – is a retired teacher of modern languages ( French and German) with a keen interest in Spanish. She has travelled extensively in South America and during a visit to Piura in 1999, was immensely impressed by Anita's personality and self-appointed work. Sallie was with Anita when she died in 2002. The huge demonstrations of love and gratitude towards Anita displayed by countless families, many in desperate poverty, doubled her resolve to continue supporting Anita's children.

Martha Edwards – was born in Peru and in 1976 moved to London for a course in Advanced Business Studies at the then City of London Polytechnic (today the London Metropolitan University) She joined the Commercial Section of the Peruvian Embassy in London and in 1981 was transferred to Brussels to continue working in the newly opened Commercial Section of the Embassy.  In 1983 she moved back to London and continued working for the Peruvian Government for a few years.  Following the closure of the Commercial Offices abroad, she started to work as PA/Legal Secretary in international law firms the last one being Simmons & Simmons until retiring in 2011.